The Advocates for Sustainable Health (A4SH) Safe Delivery Program plans to address two pregnancy and delivery challenges faced in Nigeria:
(1) The low attendance of antenatal care visits during pregnancy, and
(2) The lack of essential delivery tools available at the health facility for healthcare workers to perform safe delivery.
It aims to do this by providing Safe Delivery Kits to expectant mothers in the most underprivileged parts of the country to encourage them to visit healthcare facilities and attend at least the minimum number of ANC visits required to reduce the risks associated with pregnancy and births.

1) To increase antenatal care attendance, specifically, increase the number of pregnant women who complete four ANC visits
2) To decrease the maternal and infant mortality at Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs)
3) To help provide better quality of care at the point of labour and delivery
4) To increase the number of facility deliveries

Each Customized A4SH Safe Delivery Kit contains:
• One bottle of Olive Oil
• One sterilized infant receiver
• One sterilized maternity delivery mat
• Two pairs of sterile gloves
• Two cord clamps
• One mucus extractor
• One scalpel blade
• One methylated spirit
• One antiseptic soap
• Two packs of cotton wool
• Five pieces of gauze
• Six maternity pads
• 2 extra maternity pads with adhesive

The kit is sterilized and packaged by Brown Button Foundation.

Project Activity:
Each PHC is provided with Safe Delivery kits and multiple campaigns and advocacy sessions are held with the health workers and community members highlighting the availability of the kits, its benefits, and the requirements needed to receive a kit for free at the time of delivery.
The Catch: Pregnant women will only receive the kit for free AFTER their 4th ANC visit
A banner is placed in each selected PHCs clearly stating in English and Hausa that women will receive the kit for free AFTER their 4th ANC visit and will be charged N650 for the kit if the requirement has not been met. A contact number will be given to each PHC to call should stock-outs occur.

Coming Soon…The Pikin Kit!
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